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Popular Jewelry Items Of Hessonite Gemstone

Although Hessonite or garnet gemstone is not as brilliant looking gemstone as its contemporaries blue sapphire and ruby gemstone yet, this stone possesses some awestruck qualities that make this stone a decent looking gemstone. Hence, besides wearing this stone for astrological purposes, many people have recently initiated using this stone as a jewelry item. Hessonite …

Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodlite

Garnet (Hessonite) is intrinsically a group that consists of ample number of different minerals. Thus, appearance of garnet stone may vary largely. Generally, garnet consist six members’ almandite, pyrope, spessartite, grossularite, uvarovite and andradite. Fortunately, all of these six members of garnet have similar crystal structure, but there chemical compositions are disparate. Due to variation …


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