Why Astrologers Advise Wearing Hessonite In The Form Of Rings?

While talking to us about their concern and doubts about the Hessonite gemstones; people generally bring out this question on the discussion table that why does astrologer’s advice them to wear Hessonite gemstone in the form of rings rather than advising them to adopt it in other forms?

So, to understand the reason behind the above suggestion, we have to understand the basic functioning of a gemstone. A gemstone is a special entity which has the ability to absorb or grasp the cosmic energies emitted by the different cosmos and planet available in the universe.

It is also said that gemstones have “Planetary Signature”, they echo the essence belonged to one or more than one planet.

Hessonite Stone 4.8 Carats
Hessonite Stone 4.8 Carats

Hessonite gemstone represents the Rahu planet on the earth. It consumes the immense divine forces of the planet Rahu within it and further vibrates these energies in the aura of the human being to make positive impacts on their lives.

Now coming back to the original question that Why astrologers advocate wearing Hessonite gemstone in the form of rings rather than any other jewelry form?

So, the answer if this question is that according to Indian astrology, the fingers represent the several planets. Secondly, the major focal points of our brain are located on our fingers than any other part of the body.

Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Gemstone

  • Wearing Hessonite rings will prove more benevolent and auspicious than wearing Hessonite gemstone as another form of the jewelry.
  • Wearing Hessonite in the finger will carry more superlative or cosmic powers than wearing it in other forms. Hence, wearing Hessonite as a ring will vibrate more as compare to wearing it in other forms and bring more satisfactory results for its wearer.
  • Therefore, it is the reason why astrologers compel you to wear Hessonite or any other stones in the fingers rather than wearing them in the neck or wrist.
  • However, if you bend upon wearing Hessonite or any other gemstone with a necklace or wristband, then stone should be of double weight than rings only then it will bring pleasantry results for you.


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