Hessonite and Its Impact on Love Life


Of the hundreds of gemstones that are mined, the hessonite (also called garnet) is unique in terms of its looks and its qualities. The base mineral for hessonite gemstone is Aluminum Silicate.

There are traces of manganese as well, which gives it a distinctive color. It has a cubic crystal system, and it usually has no cleavage and is part of the garnet family. Hessonite is marked by a rhombic twelve-sided (dodecahedral) crystal lattice structure.

The most common color of hessonite is honey yellow or cinnamon (brown-red). But there are several other colors in which Gomed is found, except the color blue. This is the reason some people also refer to it as the cinnamon stone.

History and Origins of Hessonite Gemstone

If you look at the origin of the word hessonite, it is derived from the Greek word ‘Hesson’. The Romans also used to refer to this gemstone with a word which meant ‘pomegranate’, probably owing to its reddish-brown color. This word means inferior, but the word has not been chosen because Gomed is inferior to other gemstones.

The density and hardness of hessonite are lower than other types of garnet, which is the reason for this choice of name. What it lacks in hardness and density is made up for in durability due to the lack of cleavage. It is common to have facets cut into hessonite in order to provide the best reflection of light. The absence of facets or incorrect cutting of this gemstone can lead to the hessonite having a darker color, which lowers its value.

The most popular country of origin for hessonite is Sri Lanka. But it is also mined in several places of India, Brazil, Canada, Myanmar, Tanzania and the United States of America. Historically, this gemstone was first mined in Greece, Rome, and Egypt. It was used by one of the 12 Israeli tribes as their symbol.

Astrological Significance of Hessonite in Love Life

The hessonite stone is very popular in Vedic astrology because of its several beneficial properties. It is the traditional birthstone for the month of January. It is often refer as the gomed. The most popular benefit of hessonite is its contribution to good relations and great love life.

If someone has been single and lonely for a long time, he or she could buy gomed stone and change things around. It clears the mind so that you can enjoy perfect clarity of mind. This would free you of all the emotional baggage you might be carrying. This is how the hessonite stone works on creating an atmosphere of love, romance, and passion. This will also inject more passion into your day-to-day life.

Hessonite also has great benefits in the spiritual healing of a person. All humans have a solar plexus chakra which lies between the bottom of the rib cage and the navel. The hessonite stone helps to balance the energy fields around the solar plexus, and this draws the person towards spiritual thoughts.

Similarly, hessonite also has beneficial effects on the heart chakra which helps maintain harmony with the environment. A weak heart chakra keeps your mind in the past and inhibits you from focusing on the present and future. It also helps you maintain the right balance in your relationships. Apart from the positive influence on love life, the hessonite also has several other benefits as well.

Benefits of Wearing Garnet Gemstone

In Vedic astrology, the hessonite stone is considered to be the perfect antidote to the negative influences of Rahu (also referred to as Dragon’s Head or North Node). It refers to the point where the Moon crosses from the southern to northern latitudes. When it can wear a ring, the stone helps you absorb the good effects of the Rahu.

A person suffering from a weak Rahu would be prone to several physical ailments like upset stomach, asthma, and certain compulsive obsessive disorders. Gomed can help cure these problems. Gomed has beneficial properties on your blood circulation and respiratory systems and also guards against infectious diseases.


Here is a summary of the main benefits of then Garnet gemstone:

1. This gemstone has beneficial effects on the physical, emotional as well as psychological well-being of the wearer
2. Helps in curing the ill-effects of sarpadosha
3. Mental clarity and balancing of thought
4. Several physical ailments are control and cure.
5. This stone have a positive influence on people in politics, public relations, commission trades, etc.
6. The biggest benefit of Gomed gemstone is in the positive impact it has on your love life.

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