garnet gemstone

January Birth Stone History, Sentimentality and Spirituality

The January birthstone is Garnet, a gemstone that owes its name to the Latin word granatum, which also means pomegranate. Given the varied colours, it is available in, it is one of the most popular gemstones among designers today. Spiritually, Garnets are said to be connected with the empowerment of women. Garnet in the yesteryears […]

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Method of Testing Hessonite Gemstone or Gomed Gemstone

Hessonite garnet gemstone or gomed gemstone enjoys widespread popularity due to their value as a precious stone. Often used in ornaments and jewelry, it is also often worn by men and women for the health benefits and astrological benefits that they have to offer. However, it is important to get only the most authentic Hessonite […]

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Hessonite and Its Impact on Love Life

Of the hundreds of gemstones that are mined, the hessonite (also called garnet) is unique in terms of its looks and its qualities. The base mineral for hessonite gemstone is Aluminum Silicate. There are traces of manganese as well, which gives it a distinctive color. It has a cubic crystal system, and it usually has […]

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Who Should Wear Hessonite Gemstone The Gemstone Of Rahu

Gemstones are truly and sincerely a gift of nature to mankind. The importance and significance of the gemstones in human life can be understood by having a glance over the cultures of different ages in history. Almost every civilization around the world has mentioned the use and significance of gemstones in their historical references and […]

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What Is Color Change Garnet Gemstone?

The color change garnet gemstone is a special kind of garnet which alters its color at correspondence to its exposure to a different amount of light. It is an extensively desirable gemstone due to its distinctive and rare capability to change color in different lights. A color change garnet stone is misconceived as pleochroism mineral; […]

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Hessonite: The Birthstone of Month January

Garnet gemstone or Hessonite gemstone is conceived to be the birthstone for month January. As per astrology, the red color Hessonite or garnet stone is revered with the status of the birthstone of month January. Thus, if you are born in the month of January, then you should wear Hessonite gemstone. What is Garnet or […]

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Healing Properties of Hessonite/Garnet Gemstone

The distinctive color and compelling physical and healing properties of the Hessonite or garnet gemstone has significant importance in the emergence of this stone. Besides, its stunning color properties, Hessonite gemstones are also illustrious due to its magical healing and therapeutic properties. Some of the below-mentioned healing and therapeutic properties of Hessonite stone is detailed […]

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Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodolite

Garnet (Hessonite) is intrinsically a group that consists of an ample number of different minerals. Thus, the appearance of garnet stone may vary largely. Generally, garnet consists of six members’ almandite, pyrope, spessartite, grossularite, uvarovite, and andradite. Fortunately, all of these six members of garnet have a similar crystal structure, but their chemical compositions are […]

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Rahu Effects in Astrology And Hessonite Gemstone

Astrological Effects of Rahu Rahu is termed as a malicious planet in the assembly of all nine planets. In fact. The planet-like Rahu & Ketu does not have any physical existence in the universe the same other planets. Therefore, the above reason has given birth to controversy as people often ask that when Rahu is […]

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