About Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed)

Hessonite gemstone also known as Garnet Stone is a type of Grossularite Garnet. The color of Hessonite stone varies from light yellow to deep brownish. Due to its distinct color the stone resembles the color of “cow urine”. Therefore, a section of society has named this stone “Gomedh”.

As per astrologers the dark red or brownish color hessonite gemstone affiliates with the coercive planet Rahu. It is being claimed that wearing Hessonite gemstone will ensure the positive or benevolent features of this planet in the lives of its wearer. Nevertheless, the planet Rahu does not have any physical existence in the solar system yet, this planet has been rewarded with the status of the Planet because of its impelling features that altogether have the capacity to impact user life in a big way. Thus, by considering the above usefulness of this planet, Rahu has been given the status of an important planet of the solar system.

Buy Natural Hessonite Gemstone:

It is very important to wear natural Hessonite gemstone to obtain the positive results. Otherwise, wearing a synthetic Hessonite may introduce negative results. Therefore, while buying Hessonite stone, one should consider the quality of the stone diligently.

Standard Hessonite Gemstone

Contains a number of inclusions that can be seen from bare eyes. However, the price of standard Hessonite stone is reasonable that allows people to purchase this gemstone. The quality of the stone is not brilliant yet it is quite benevolent option for those who want to wear this stone without spending too much money. The price of one carat Hessonite stone is around 2000 to 2500 per carat. For more information you can check the below link:

Fine Quality Hessonite Stone

The fine quality Hessonite stone will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter the price of the stone is around 2500+ Rs per carat. For more information about price of this stone follow this link:

gomed stone

Benefits Of Wearing Hessonite Gemstone

  • Rahu denote thugs, widow, gambling, cheat reptiles, snake, grandparent and wickedness. Thus, being situated in wrong positions it will evoke malign forces in the life of its wearer. The only way to escape the above unpleasing event is to adopt this impressive planet blessed gemstone the Hessonite stone.
  • The gomedh or Hessonite gemstone will emanate the ill effects of rahu from an individual and enable him/her to secure great heights in their lives with the help of rahu blessings.
  • The rahu denotes the wit and intellectual of a person. Therefore, all those individuals who are facing memory problem, mental problems should wear this stone. Since, this stone will give boost to their memory power and enhance understandably.
  • The Hessonite stone also let a person to dispel all the negative energies and old memories that used to hold him/her back.
  • The Hessonite stone aids an individual to achieve spiritual heights in his her life by helping people to control or confine their worldly desires.


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