About Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite gemstone is known as Garnet Stone and a type of Grossularite Garnet. The color of Hessonite stone varies from light yellow to deep brownish. Due to its distinct color, hessonite stone resembles the color of “cow urine”. Therefore, a section of society has named this stone “Gomedh”.

However, there are different colors of hessonite garnet gemstone exist except for the red color, such as brown, red, purple or black. Due to its exciting colors and astrological properties since from the ancient times, a garnet gemstone is being worn by the people of all ages in the form of jewelry.

As per astrologers the dark red or brownish color hessonite gemstone affiliates with the coercive planet Rahu. It is being claimed that wearing Hessonite gemstone will ensure the positive or benevolent features of this planet in the lives of its wearer. Also Know About The Amazing Benefits Of Wearing Hessonite gemstone. Click Here.

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Buy Natural Hessonite Gemstone Online:

While choosing Hessonite/Gomed Gemstone, it is important to look for the color of the gemstone The hessonite gemstone should be clear, brilliant, and showing the same color throughout its composition. To differentiate real hessonite from an imposter, the real deal does not possess any concentric rings of air bubbles.

Holes and dents are also an indication that the hessonite is not of high quality. Check for black spots, which also take away from the quality of the gemstone.

Good quality of Hessonite is full of clarity and possesses a simplicity that offers a gentle hue, shine, brightness, and even color. If you want to buy the best quality grades of gemstone you can visit the website shop.hessonite.org.in

Price and Grading of Hessonite Gemstone:

Price of hessonite gemstone depends on many factors which include Color, Transparency, Luster color, origin, and treatment of the stone. Hessonite Gemstone is divided into Three grades:

Hessonite Standard Grade

Hessonite standard grade contains inclusions that can be seen from bare eyes. However, the price of standard Hessonite stone is reasonable. The price of a one-carat hessonite stone is around 208+ INR per carat.

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Hessonite Fine Grade

The fine quality Hessonite stone will have fewer inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter, the price of the stone is around 540+ INR per carat.

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Hessonite Premium Grade

The premium quality Hessonite stone will have very very fewer inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter, the price of the stone is around 2705+ INR per carat.

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Wearing Method of Hessonite Stone

  • Hessonite gemstone should be worn only in specific conditions. So before buying or wearing hessonite stone consult it with your astrologer.
  • The main choice of metal for Hessonite (Gomedh) is Silver or Platinum. Mysteriously, Gold and Panchdhatu should be avoided.
  • Gomedh Ratna should be worn in the middle or little finger of your working hand.
  • Best time to wear a hessonite stone ring is two hours after the sunset.

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Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Gemstone

  • Hessonite stone helps professional progress and gives clear direction to help achieve goals.
  • People who are having a profession in politics, government services, scientists and computer jobs get benefited by wearing hessonite stone.
  • A person suffering from a weak Rahu would be prone to several physical ailments like upset stomach, asthma, and certain compulsive obsessive disorders. Hessonite can help cure these sort of problems.
  • Hessonite gemstone has beneficial effects on the physical, emotional as well as psychological well-being of the wearer.

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