Hessonites which are flawed, lackluster, or white or bluish in color are considered poorer and unfavorable. Hessonites of poor quality are common, while fine pieces are so rare that the ancients considered them the most blessed of all gems in the world.

A pure hessonite gemstone sparkling with an internal fire and set in a golden ornament is the ultimate talisman, capable of increasing the lifespan, the progeny, and the happiness of its owner.

It’s also removed evil thoughts and motives from the owner’s mind. Any man possessing such a praiseworthy hessonite, even if only for ornamental purposes would surely become wealthy and famous in this lifetime.

Flaws of Artificial and Defective Hessonite or Gomed Gemstone

If there is any defect in the Gomed, it may lead to the following harmful effects:

  • If there is no shine in Gomed, it may prove harmful especially to women.
  • Gomed of red color may increase health problems for the person.
  • Gomed without shine may affect the prestige of the person.
  • Multicolored Gomed may affect the economic status and wealth of the person.
  • If there are gridlines on Gomed, the happiness of the person may get affected.
  • If there is any black spot on Gomed, the family friends and children of the person may have problems.
  • If there are red or black spots in Gomed, the person may have accident risks.

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