Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodolite


Garnet (Hessonite) is intrinsically a group that consists of an ample number of different minerals. Thus, the appearance of garnet stone may vary largely. Generally, garnet consists of six members’ almandite, pyrope, spessartite, grossularite, uvarovite, rhodolite, and andradite. Fortunately, all of these six members of garnet have a similar crystal structure, but their chemical compositions are disparate.

Due to variation in the chemical composition of the stone, the color of two types of garnet stone may vary slightly or largely.

A natural garnet stone, in reality, does not match the specifications of these types exactly. Although, it may be a mixture of two types of garnets in different quantities for example.

A composition of two different garnet minerals pyrope and spessartite is considered as malaria. Rhodolite is an example of a composition of two garnet minerals pyrope to almandite in an average of 2:1.

Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodolite

The Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodolite stone is also called red garnet stone. The cogent Rhodolite stone is interesting not only due to its notable chemical properties but also for its significant color properties.

The enduring color of the Rhodolite stone fetches the attraction of everyone toward this stone. Generally, it is a red Garnet; however, it has distinct properties of the ordinary deep brownish-red garnet stone.

The name “Rhodolite” originates from Greek word “rhodon” that means rose and its color will range from rose-red to purple and pink color.

History of Red Garnet Stone

Rhodolite stone was discover from America more precisely in the state of North Carolina in the year 1898. This stone was first discovered or invented by mineralogist W.E. Hidden who also invented the stone hiddenite.

Origins of Rhodolite stone

In earlier days, North Carolina was the paramount source of Rhodolite stone. Nonetheless, nowadays, in North Carolina, the production of this gemstone has been depleted.

In recent times, the fine red garnet stone rhodolite discovers or originates from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, India, and Madagascar.

Amidst, the above-mentioned sources or this stone, the Mozambique and Tanzania produce the best quality rhodolite or red garnet stone. These two countries the finest cut, carat and color stones are being located.


 Characteristics of Rhodolite Stone

Since the hardness of a garnet stone fall in between 7 and 7.5 on the Moh scale. Thus, garnet stones are considered to be a highly durable stone that is not easy to break.

By the reason of being a durable stone this stone is extensively suitable for making jewelry.  Consequently, the rhyolite stone surpasses the blue sapphire and ruby stone on the parameter of the refractive index. Therhodolitee stone Hasan excellent brilliance that amuses everyone.

Due to its high characteristics and enrich properties the price of rhodolite stone is higher than some garnet category material more precisely the price of red garnet falls in between common red garnet and spessartite.

Moreover, the other lucrative properties such as untreated stone, stunning color and ideal gemological properties that enhance its value among the assembly of all garnet stone and altogether aids in making this stone superb quality, in fact, the finest red garnet stone.

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