Price, Cost And Buying Guide Hessonite Gemstone
Price, Cost And Buying Guide Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite Gemstone

While choosing Hessonite/Gomed Gemstone, it is important to look for the color that resembles. The clear urine of a cow. The hessonite gemstone should be clear, brilliant, and showing the same color throughout its composition.

You can tell when you’ve happened upon hessonite . gomed stone of poor quality when it is dull, rough, flat, or fibrous.

Holes and dents are also an indication that the hessonite is not of high quality. Check for black spots, which also take away from the quality of the gemstone.

To differentiate real hessonite from an imposter, the real deal does not possess any concentric rings of air bubbles.

Cost and Quality of Hessonite Gemstone

A good Quality of Hessonite is full of clarity and possesses a simplicity that offers a gentle hue, shine, brightness, and even color.

These characteristics are thought to reduce any evil effects pertaining to Rahu. Under the right conditions, hessonite can get rid of fear, clear the mind, and aid one’s spiritual journey.

A good quality eye clean hessonite garnet can buy on a price from 5 to 10 USD per carat. Other garnet gems of vvs, vs and slightly included quality can cost anywhere from $1 to $30 per carat depending upon various factors.

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