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Healing Properties of Hessonite/Garnet Gemstone

The distinctive color and compelling physical and healing properties of the Hessonite or garnet gemstone has significant importance in the emergence of this stone. Besides, its stunning color properties, Hessonite gemstones are also illustrious due to its magical healing and therapeutic properties. Some of the below-mentioned healing and therapeutic properties of Hessonite stone is detailed […]

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Different Types of Garnet Gemstone

The garnet and Hessonite stones are an identical or same gemstone. Due to different names of Hessonite gemstone sometimes people in confusion, wonder that these are two different gemstones. However, in reality, Hessonite gemstone is also termed as Hessonite gemstone. The garnet is not a single stone; in fact, it is family of stones encompassing […]

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Finest Red Garnet Gemstone – Rhodlite

    Garnet (Hessonite) is intrinsically a group that consists of an ample number of different minerals. Thus, the appearance of garnet stone may vary largely. Generally, garnet consist six members’ almandite, pyrope, spessartite, grossularite, uvarovite and andradite. Fortunately, all of these six members of garnet have a similar crystal structure, but their chemical compositions […]

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How To Clean Hessonite Stone Jewelry Items

Introduction To Hessonite Gemstone Hessonite gemstone (also known as Gomed) is the variety of grossularite grossular garnet, which is basically the member of garnet species that is mainly constituted of calcium-aluminum silicate. The red color is confirmed to be the most suitable or ideal color for hessonite or garnet stone, however, the garnet stone is […]

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Healing Properties Of Hessonite Gomed Gemstone

Hessonite or garnet stone also dubbed as “gomed” stone in Hindi is a stone of true passion and creativity. The honey-yellow color gemstone is referred to as ‘cinnamon stone’ or ‘kaneel stone’ due to its distinct color characteristics. As per Indian sages, the stone is revered as “gomed” because of the color of the stone […]

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