Healing Properties Of Hessonite Gomed Gemstone

Hessonite or garnet stone also dubbed as “gomed” stone in Hindi is a stone of true passion and creativity. The honey-yellow color gemstone is popular as ‘cinnamon stone’ or ‘kaneel stone’ due to its distinct color characteristics. As per Indian sages, the stone is famous as “gomed” because of the color of the stone resembles like “cow urine”. The stone has relates with the malicious planet Rahu as per Indian astrology and represents the north node of the moon.

It is an extremely powerful precious gemstone which is correlated with the planet whose physical presence is negligible, yet because of its powerful characteristics to create a strong impact on the life of an individual; this stone has rewarded the status of the planet in the solar panel.

Usually, Rahu can prove sheer dangerous since this planet exists in the horoscope of a person for almost 18 years and imposes obstruction in the overall development of an individual.

Therefore, in order to guard oneself against vengeful Rahu planet, individuals should wear hessonite or garnet stone which possesses the enrich properties of Rahu and act as a weapon to ward off against spiteful Rahu. Let’s discuss some of the healing properties of Hessonite stone in detail below:

Garnet Stone Physical Healing Properties:

The Hessonite or garnet stone contains the strong metaphysical properties. Its aid in resolving many serious health issues which are due to malicious Rahu.

The health issues like trauma, mental illness, sexual problems, kidney problems, and metabolism problems are being sorted out by wearing Hessonite or garnet stone.

Besides this, garnet or Hessonite stone is very good for the respiratory system, blood circulation, and highly infectious diseases. Additionally, this stone is best for arthritis problems, vein problem and arteriosclerosis.

Hessonite Stone for emotional healing energy:

Except being a good healing gemstone to enhance physical strength. This gemstone is an excellent crystal to soothe and reduce the emotional burdens.

The different colors of this gemstone aid to unchain the boundaries of an individual and aid him/her to extend their social circle.

Moreover, this gemstone will help to reduce the anxiety level, open the door to happiness and spread love in marital life.

Hessonite Spiritual Healing Energy:

This stone has special healing properties which aid in leading a person to the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Basically, this stone represents the solar plexus chakra that is located between ribcage and navel. It controls the digestive and immune system. When balance exists in this solar plexus. You will be toward the divine energies and the path of spiritual enlightenment.


Hessonite Heart healing chakra:

This chakra is associated with the Hessonite stone and located near the breastbone. It enables you to maintain the balance between the environment and yourself.

Unfortunately, if the heart chakra is out-of-order. An individual can feel controlled by someone in a relationship or be controlling someone in a relationship; thus, make own or someone else life difficult.

Besides this, weak heart chakra will remind you of your past and not let concentrate on the present. However, wearing Hessonite stone will aid in resolving this issue with its strong green energy. It makes you capable of dealing with ebbs and flows of the emotional relationship and to accept the changes.

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