Rahu Effects in Astrology And Hessonite Gemstone


Astrological Effects of Rahu

Rahu is termed as a malicious planet in the assembly of all nine planets.  The planet-like Rahu & Ketu does not have any physical existence in the universe the same other planets. Therefore, the above reason has given birth to controversy as people often ask that when Rahu is not visible in the universe then how it can affect their lives.

Thus, by keeping your all concerns in mind, I am writing the following article which will entail you that how Rahu impacts the lives of the human being.

As per Hindu tradition, the Rahu is acknowledged as being the head of an asura called Svarbhanu that devours sun motivating eclipse. The pictorial depiction of Rahu visions him as a serpent with nobody handling a chariot which has been drawn by 8 horses.

Astrologers and sages have rewarded Rahu with the status of the planet due to its strong influential power.  Often, the planet Rahu is paired with the other invisible and effective planet Ketu.  This planet is confirmed as malicious and devil planet.

The Rahu and Ketu denote toward those points on the celestial sphere of planets such as Sun and moon where they intersect. The substantial planet Rahu represents the north node of the lunar nodes and the upper half of the snake and, the eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon reaches one of the above-mentioned points of intersection and Rahu absorbs or swallow the Sun giving rise to Sun eclipse.

Effects of Rahu in Astrology:

  • Rahu is a vengeful planet and it mostly attracts the negative or malicious forces in the birth chart of the horoscope of a person.
  • Moreover, the Rahu Dasha, unfortunately, lasts for around 42 years and if it is in negative houses will lead an individual on the path of destruction and encourages malicious forces in the lives of the human being.
  • Nonetheless, this planet can also work in the favor of an individual if it positions or exists in angular houses- 1st, 4th, 7th or 11th in the horoscope of a person. However, people always eager to know one thing that why Rahu inhibit to bring venomous results in their lives?
  • Since we know that Rahu is a malicious planet. Thus, during its presence in the horoscope or birth chart of an individual, it can conveniently establish a connection or influence the malefic houses of its wearer and consequently commence to work against an individual.
  • Favorably, if it’s situated at positive houses such as angular houses or other positive houses, then it proves quite benign for its wearer.
  • And, it’s known to introduce wealth, health, sudden luck, spirituality and happiness in his/her life.  Due to its strong features, this planet has always been compared with the substantial planet Saturn. It is conferred about a Rahu planet that it works in isolation.
  • It does not appreciate the interference of another planet otherwise, it bestows fateful results for its wearer.
  • One more important fact about Rahu that if the depositor planet will be stronger than Rahu will show favorable results otherwise in case if it depositor or main planets is weak then it will carry out negative results.
  • Hence, by keeping the above line into consideration, let’s see Rahu affiliation with other planets and impacts created by the presence of Rahu

Effects of Rahu On Sun:

Association of Sun and Rahu does not go well since the presence of Rahu signifies health issues such as blood pressure, lungs, and brain. Since, Sun signifies health, prosperity, wealth, communication skill.

Thus, when the potent planet Sun is incompetently incline with Rahu can work against human health, especially create problems in the digestive system?

The wrongly affiliated Rahu incurs problem in family relation especially with Grandfather, Son, and Husband.

Rahu affliction with Moon:

Moon represents the most important organ of the human body Brain. A positively placed Moon will enable a person to take the right decision in his/her life. However, spiteful Rahu affliction with the Moon will emerge problems of the human mind.

It diverts the mind in wrong or erroneous activities. It captures the power or ability of the human mind to take the right decision at the right moment.

Additionally, it becomes the core reason for many serious mental diseases and brain disorder. Along with that, a wrongly placed Rahu with moon arises health issues related to specific organs.

Effects Of Rahu with Mars:

The cursed Rahu when affiliates with mars cause problems in family relations. Especially, it prejudices the brotherly relation and debilitates courage and self-esteem.  This wrong affliction gives rise to blood-related diseases.

Rahu Affliction with Jupiter:

The mars affliction with planet Jupiter bitters the father-son relation and Husband-Wife relations. This unfortunate affliction pushes a person in self-destruction mode and earns him/her bad reputation in society. This can also arise health problems related to different organs, especially malfunctioning, liver, and pancreas.

Rahu Affliction with Saturn:

This could turn out to be the most threatening or precarious connection because Saturn and Rahu. Both are powerful planets and bestow auspicious or inauspicious results with the short span of time.

And, if unfavorably it conjoins Saturn misfortune houses will bring devastating results for its user. Especially from the health perspective this affliction is not fortunate. It generates a labor problem, eyesight problem, breathing problem, rheumatism problem.


Rahu Affliction with Venus:

This combo delivers extremely unpleasing results for its wearer. The affliction of Rahu with Venus proves a serious threat against marital relation. The presence of Rahu will invoke trouble in marriage life. It enhance the probability of extramarital relation especially during Rahu exit in 7th house. This can also give rise to any sexually related diseases and kidney problems.

Rahu Affliction with Mercury:

The affiliation with Rahu importunes negative forces in the life of the native of mercury. A negative Rahu creates mental problems and proves inauspicious for students and act villainous in love life and marital life.

How to control Rahu effects:

In order to limit or control the ill-effects that is create by the planet, Rahu. Astrologers advise a person to adopt Hessonite gemstone.

Hessonite gemstone (Gomed in Hindi) is the honey red color stone which resembles like cow urine for the sake of that saints and sages has said this stone in Hindi as “Gomedh” means cow urine.

The stone Hessonite absorbs the maximum number of rays that is reflects Rahu.

And, when a user wears this stone it accumulates the power of Rahu and transfers this energy. IUt bestow him/her wealth, health and accomplishes his/her otherworldly desires.

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