How To Clean Hessonite Stone Jewelry Items

How To Clean Hessonite Stone Jewelry Items

Introduction To Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite gemstone (also known as Gomed) is the variety of grossularite grossular garnet. It is basically the member of garnet species that is mainly constituted of calcium-aluminum silicate. Hessonite stone jewelry is part of stunning jewelry pieces.

The red color is confirm to be the most suitable or ideal color for hessonite or garnet stone, however, the garnet stone is also spot in different colors besides red, honey color or brown color hessonite stones are also brilliant color stones.  This stone is popular as “cinnamon stone” or the “Kaneel stone”.

Meaning of Hessonite Stone

  • The other grossularite species stones are green grossularite and chromium-rich Tsavorite and rare leuco or colorless garnet.
  • The name of hessonite stone is originated from the Greek word “Hesson” that means “inferior”. This stone confer this name due to the fact that this stone occupies the last rank in grossularite stone on physical and other parameters.
  • As per astrology, the garnet is the birthstone of month January and is also the Suitable stone for Rahu planet.
  • It suggests that wearing this honey-color stone will ensure to bring favorable results in the lives of its wearer.
  • To secure all the benevolent or positive results from wearing hessonite stone, a person should consider the quality of the stone.
  • Additionally, a person should also take care of the stone on a regular basis to preserve stone from draining its enriched properties.

How to clean Hessonite Stone Jewelry

  • To clean a hessonite or garnet gem uses a soft brush with soft bristles so that it does not cause any harm to stone healing properties. To clean your gemstone hessonite to dispel impurities from the stone plunge stone in warm water. Then scrub it with a few drops of detergent water.
  • One can also use regular glass cleaner to simply disperse oil and dirt away from the stone. In order to do so, a person can use a soft cotton cloth and wipe out stone smoothly. Using a regular glass cleaner will increase the shine and luster of the stone.
  • To cleanse the gemstone and to boost the shine of the stone. It can clear with an ammonia solution. However, while experimenting with ammonia keep in mind that do not use ammonia in large quantity because it can harm the quality of the stone.
  • Although, hessonite stone is a tough gemstone, yet, in comparison to other stone-like blue sapphire and yellow sapphire. The durability of the stone is low. Therefore, it is suggested that while performing physical activities remove hessonite stone jewelry items.
  • Hessonite stone should be properly stored in a safe location so that it does not get the temper.
  • However, if you want to properly cleanse this stone. You may take your stone to jewelers who can properly cleanse and remove the dirt.

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