Different Types of Garnet Gemstone


The garnet and Hessonite stones are identical or same gemstone. Due to different types of garnet gemstone sometimes people in confusion, wonder that these are two different gemstones.

However, in reality, Hessonite gemstone is also termed as Hessonite gemstone. The garnet is not a single stone; in fact, it is a family of stones encompassing different gemstones.

On the basis of the above information, we can deduce that the number of gemstones that belong to the garnet family must have a similar crystal structure and chemical composition.

Nonetheless, due to the presence of different quantity or level of chemical properties of the stone; the garnet stone can be categorized or classified into different types.

As Per Gemologist, There Are Six Different Types Of Garnet Gemstone That Are as Below:

  • Pyrope
  • Almandine,
  • Spessartite,
  • Grossular
  • Andradite
  • Uvarovite

The different types of garnet stones are compose due to the presence of three major materials aluminum, silicate, and chromium. The color of a particular Hessonite or garnet gemstone is being dependent on the traces of aluminum in the stone.

Prop: the pyrope garnet gemstone is the red color of garnet gemstone which has derived its red color due to the presence of magnesium in the stone.

The gemstone pyrope looks similar to pomegranate seed and to a ruby gemstone.  This gemstone is extremely popular among gem lover due to its angelic red color.

The pyrope garnet is found in places such as China, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the USA.

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Types Of Garnet Gemstone

Almandine: Types Of Garnet Stone

The almandine garnet gemstone is similar to pyrope garnet gemstone because it also appears red. Unlike the pyrope stone that appears red due to the presence of magnesium despite that almandine, the garnet stone appears red due to the presence of major quantities of iron in the stone.

The almandine stone is comes from places like India, Madagascar, Brazil, USA, and  Sri Lanka.  Besides this, the Smaller deposits exist in the Czech Republic,  Sri Lanka.

Spessartite garnet gemstone:

The spessartite garnet gemstone is yellowish and orange color gemstone which produces or appears yellowish or orange color due to the existence of magnesium in the stone.

It is about the color of garnet stone spessartite that the color which this stone reflects is actually because of the marriage between yellow sapphire and ruby gemstone.

The origin of spessartite garnet stone is Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the USA. The top quality spessartite garnet stone originates from Namibia.


Grossular Garnet Gemstone:

It is process by the gemologist that grossular garnet stone is near or identical to pure garnet stone. The grossularite stone is constituted of aluminum and calcium which are incapable of producing any color.

Nevertheless, the garnet stone produces different shades and different color varying from red, green, yellow and orange.

The grossularite gemstone is spot from these parts of the world Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, India, Tanzania, and the USA.

Andradite Garnet Stone:

The andradite stone is indifferent from its contemporary varieties or types of garnet stone. The stone which is constitute of mineral iron majorly, most of the time produces a red color.

However, due to the presence of iron in different structures and parts of the stone, sometimes it emits diamond or yellowish color. The origins or source of andradite stone are: Russia, China, Korea, USA, and Zaire

Uvarovite Garnet Stone:

The uvarovite garnet gemstone is distinct from the mention garnet stone. It was discovered in the year 1832 and appears green and it does not either belong to grossularite family or andradite family.

The stone appears like an emerald stone because it reflects only green color. The stone is comes from various part of the world such as Canada, Finland, India, Poland, Russia, and the USA.

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